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About Us

We like to create innovation from information which is all around us. We like to take on challenges to achieve the extraordinary. We like to turn ideas in to reality.

Kinsman is an international data- and management consulting firm. We partner with leaders in data automation and management. Our uniquely skilled team allows us to create value from data in a wide range of sectors and expertise. We pride ourselves in providing cutting edge solutions to challenges which matter to our clients and to society.


Our Story

What We Believe

We believe that collaboration and teamwork is intrinsic to our companies’ success. We also believe in collaborating with our clients, listening to our clients’ ideas and perspectives and taking on board the knowledge and skills of all stakeholders. This way we achieve the shared goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. We continuously seek to grow and find innovative solutions through and within data management. Together, we bring these capabilities to our clients to help take them to the next level.

Our Expertise

At Kinsman we like to combine our extensive knowledge on the industry together with our functional capabilities regarding the management and implementation of data. We carefully form teams that we believe are most suitable for our clients request to allow for solutions that let our clients thrive in their field.

Our Story

Our Management

Our People

We are Always Looking For New Talent To Join Our Team

We are Always Looking For New Talent To Join Our Team

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