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Our industry experts and consultants strive to keep up to date on all the latest developments within data science and their industries. By doing so we are able to achieve high quality products and contribute towards a more sustainable ad innovative future world.

ChatGpt: Is AI moving in a significant direction?

Publicly announced on 30th November 2022, ChatGPT garnered a great deal of attention and traffic, sparking a lot of debate across various online platforms. What is it about ChatGPT that has folks so enthralled?

Four steps to create value with data and analytics in the fashion and luxury market

In today’s world, data analytics can help fashion players to better manage inventory, profitability, consumer targeting, and more, making collection planning more streamlined and precise than in the past.

Six Technology Trends That Will Dominate This Year

Stay ahead of technology trends in 2022 to prepare your business for success. Discover the six dominant trends based on expert research and customer insights.

The Main Issues in Data Ethics

The accessibility and transformational capabilities of data brings great benefits. Yet, on the flip side it has also brought new risks with regard to compliancy. Data-ethics provides important guidelines to using data the dafe way.

Knowledge Management in Evidence Based Medical Practices

Unlocking the power of medical data for better healthcare outcomes. Bridging the gap between information overload and evidence-based practices.

The Future of Supply Chain Management

Supply chains generate tons of data. Analytics can be used to interpret and create solutions with this data. Adept supply chains are flexible and resilient, and thus, end-to-end visibility is critical.

Ethical Use of Data is a Competitive Advantage

Organizations are increasingly under pressure to protect customer data and ensure it is used responsibly. Companies need a formalized data program to hold themselves accountable.As customers prioritize data privacy, they will pick providers that offer full transparency about their data collection and processing. Data ethics is at the top of the CEO agenda, as negligence may result in severe consequences such as reputational loss or business shutdown. To create an effective policy, companies need a formal program to ensure standards are upheld and evaluated regularly.

Five Tips for Meaningful and Understandable Graphs

Things that mean the same thing have to look the same. The opposite also applies: "If things do not mean the same thing, they should not look the same."
With this in mind let's look at the 5 most important guidelines for creating meaningful reports.

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