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Professional Services

Advisors and strategists can use data and machine learning to power predictive analytics, which can assist them in supplying their clients with the right understanding and plan for the future by identifying patterns in historical data. Proactively using and managing the available allows us to anticipate risks and make decisions that yield better outcomes.

Our dedicated team at Kinsman will help you formalise the right processes to utilise optimisation techniques and machine learning to assist professionals in selecting the best option for a desired outcome. 

We Can Help You Find Your Way in Data

Our Approach

When finding a fitting data solution for your company we like to apply a structured approach. This involves a comprehensive analysis of the situation at hand and setting targets that fit your wishes and needs. Our dedicated team carries experience and knowledge on the newest developments within the professional services sector.

Besides this we also pride ourselves in that we stay up to date with all the newest developments and certifications in topics and methods related to data-analytics and management. We also ensure to maintain a strong network of partnerships with leading software providers to provide our clients with the best possible quality. These aspects together allows us to provide the best-fitting and most innovative solutions which keep the needs and nuances of the industry in mind.

The Modern Approach

The business model needed to deliver data analytics solutions is different to that of the traditional "solution shop" business model. These solutions require a “value-added business process”  model that addresses clearly defined problems.

Integrating data analytics into your core business by offering an enhanced version of the current offering through analytics, can yield  incremental, sustained sales to clients.  While firms who apply data analytics through the traditional approach, may  sustain or grow revenues in the short-term, we find that companies who solely pursue this path often cannot fend off disruption in the long-term.


Designing the resources, processes and profit model separate from the core business whilst keeping data analytics at the center allows for you to venture out in to new business models. This way you will be able to maintain a more robust and dynamic strategy for projects which is more sustainable in the current market.

Our Latest Thoughts on The Industry

The accessibility and transformational capabilities of data brings great benefits. Yet, on the flip side it has also brought new risks with regard to compliancy. Data-ethics provides important guidelines to using data the dafe way.

Fred C. Veldhuis

Things that mean the same thing have to look the same. The opposite also applies: "If things do not mean the same thing, they should not look the same."
With this in mind let's look at the 5 most important guidelines for creating meaningful reports.

Fred C. Veldhuis

Supply chains generate tons of data. Analytics can be used to interpret and create solutions with this data. Adept supply chains are flexible and resilient, and thus, end-to-end visibility is critical.

Fred C. Veldhuis

Organizations are under increasing pressure to protect customer data The need to formalise data programs to ensure customers data privacy, has never been higher. Data ethics is at the top of the CEO agenda, as negligence may result in severe consequences such as reputation damage or even a complete shutdown. A formal program which is regularly evaluated ensures standards.

Fred C. Veldhuis

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