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Join Our Journey Towards Innovation

Problem solvers, innovators, team players and creative thinkers - all are welcome at Kinsman. We believe in nurturing your talent and ambition so that you can achieve and create exceptional and innovative solutions. 

It does not matter whether you are a seasoned professional or a recent graduate - if you believe you will be our next talent, join us so you can  help build towards innovation.

Featured Jobs

Utrecht, Netherlands

Senior Data Engineer

We need an additional data engineer for our data intelligence team in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The team strives to provide analytical capabilities to support data-driven decision-making by providing high-quality data and reports across all areas of the business.

Utrecht, Netherlands

Lead Developer

Optimising business processes by leading the design, build and configuration of analytics solutions that meet business process and application requirements.

Utrecht, Netherlands

Data Architect

Analysing our clients data and building a suitable database which can be used in the cation of data-analytics solutions.

Utrecht, Netherlands

Front-end Developer

Creating and designing tools that meet both the clients aesthetically an functional requirements so they can improve their business processes.

Utrecht, Netherlands

Data Analytics Engineer

Being the brains behind the modern data stack. Data analytics engineers make sure the data is ingested, transformed and loaded.

Kinsman is a company that provides its customers with knowledge about data analytics, data science and data engineering. Thanks to the experience of our specialists, each of our customers can prepare for themselves a data infrastructure that meets their specific requirements.

As an employer, Kinsman applies a policy of equal opportunities. We build our teams based on the assessment of candidates' competences and their professional achievements.

Opportunities At Kinsman

We are growing exponentially, which means creates many opportunities for your career to grow, along  with us.

We take a proactive approach to career advancement, constantly creating new roles and promoting on merit, not because we need to fill a vacancy in a rigid corporate structure.
 We invest in the development of your skills through training and education, to support you in your career targets. 

To achieve your and our target we set up a plan. We map out career paths to provide a clear structure for development and ultimately your growth with the company.


We believe that sustained success is built on understanding, respecting and developing the individual. On enhancing your talents and helping you develop your potential. This means providing trust and support. We place the power to progress exactly where it should be: with you.

Never miss another opportunity!

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