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Energy & Utilities

Automotive and Machinery is no stranger to adapting to advancing technology. Governments and corporations are setting net-zero and decarbonisation targets that are pushing digital transformation and R&D. The pace of development within these industries is rapidly increasing which highlights the importance of utilising the available data to its full capacity.

Kinsman has a team of experienced consultants who have knowledge on the industry and can support leading automotive and industry companies in utilising new cutting-edge data-analytics solutions.

Data Science The Key To Transformation

There is a growing global trend of digitalisation within the energy sector, which is altering how energy is generated, distributed, and leveraged. Data analytics has always been present in the energy & utilities industry. Yet, taking your company to the next level by realising transformational goals and creating a foundation for efficiency and innovation in such a dynamic industry, requires that you use data science to its full capacity.

Data analytics can be leveraged in grid modernisation efforts to  introduce resilience into the energy & utilities ecosystem. It addresses vulnerabilities in the current grid system. For example, energy can be allocated based on demand, rather than providing a constant energy flow. This stimulates renewable energy, and helps mitigate power outages.  Furthermore, smart grids can help you anticipate and mitigate potential risk factors by leveraging sensors, data, and analytics whilst simultaneously using critical resources such vegetation management teams to be  efficiently deployed.


Data scientists are spearheading transformation initiatives. The energy & utilities  industry offers an abundance of opportunities to positively impact  climate change and sustainability efforts, and reduce dependency on  fossil fuels. Data science will continue to be vital in enabling the  energy industry to respond to needs and prepare for a more energy efficient future.

We Can Help You Find Your Way in Data

Our Approach

When finding a fitting data solution for your company we like to apply a structured approach. This involves a comprehensive analysis of the situation at hand and setting targets that fit your wishes and needs. Our dedicated team carries experience and knowledge on the newest developments within the energy en utilities industries.

Besides this we also pride ourselves at Kinsman that we stay up to date with all the newest developments and certifications in topics and methods related to data-analytics and management. These aspects together allows us to provide the best-fitting and most innovative solutions which keep the needs and nuances of the industry in mind.

Our Latest Thoughts on The Industry

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Fred C. Veldhuis

The accessibility and transformational capabilities of data brings great benefits. Yet, on the flip side it has also brought new risks with regard to compliancy. Data-ethics provides important guidelines to using data the safe way.

Fred C. Veldhuis

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